Use Vacuum to Purge Your Gas Lines Efficiently

fitok Vacuum-Generators

At a glance

Vacuum generators are devices designed to evacuate the gas lines of residue gas by creating a vacuum. With a minimum source Nitrogen pressure of 70 psig, FITOK vacuum generators can generate a 60 Torr vacuum, thus greatly improving the purging efficiency.

◎ All-welded design

◎ Inner surface roughness of Ra 20 μin. (0.51 μm)

◎ 100% tested for Helium leakage


Technical Data

  Ultimate Vaccum Pressure

  60 Torr (-93.3 kPa)

  Gas Pressure at Ultimate

  70 psig (4.8 bar)

  Gas Flow at Ultimate

  67 l/min

  Max. Working Pressure

  132 psig (10 bar)

  Working Temperature

  32~302°F (0~150°C)


How it works

Supply the vacuum generator with gas at inlet. The constriction of nozzle causes the gas flow to accelerate. After exiting the nozzle, the accelerated gas expands and flows through the disffuser into the outlet port. In the process, a vacuum is created in the disffusion chamber, which sucks the residue gas from the gas lines through the vacuum port.


fitok Vacuum Generators

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